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Who we are…
Debt Collection UK is a long-established debt recovery agency based in the UK providing comprehensive commercial debt recovery services to an extensive range of clients from individual small businesses, SMEs to larger companies operating in the UK and abroad.

What we do…
At Debt Collection UK, we have many years of experience in the world of commercial debt recovery, successfully recovering funds for clients both in the UK and overseas. Our aim is to get back your bad debts as quickly and efficiently as possible using a professional approach and a high level of specialist debt collection expertise.

We fully understand the detrimental effect that these debts can have on your business, the longer your invoices remain unpaid, the better the chances of the debt becoming a balance sheet write off. Every pound overdue has a negative effect on the cash flow of your business. Every penny owed affects the sales of your business. Every pound of bad debt can have a severe impact on the profit margin of your business. Let the experts take control, contact Debt Collection UK now to see how we can help your business.

Why choose Debt Collection UK? Take a look at the range of services we offer.

Debt Collection UK - Commercial Debt RecoveryCommercial Debt Recovery
Our debt collection success is based on a NO WIN = NO FEE basis. We employ a proactive approach to chasing your debts immediately on receipt of instruction. Our commercial debt recovery service is tailored to suit our clients’ requirements. We take on ‘one-off’ debts to multiple accounts.
Debt Collection UK - Debt Dispute and MediationDebt Dispute and Mediation
We use a professional approach to debt dispute and mediation to liase with your customer to assist in resolving issues which have reached a stalemate. We find in a lot of cases customers and suppliers adopt a trench warfare attitude and communications can become strained. In our experience, when a third party becomes involved, the matter can be resolved sooner.
Debt Collection UK - Litigation ServicesLitigation Services
Nobody wants to go down the legal enforcement route but often customers will force suppliers into that position. A large percentage of the debts we collect for clients are paid as soon as we employ our litigation services and issue a claim form at court, with only a small minority that have to be pursued further. Court fees are recoverable on the basis that judgement is obtained and enforcement is successful.
Debt Collection UK - Clear Bad DebtsClear Bad Debts
We often take on old debts for clients who believe the account should be written off due to the age of the debt. Why not pass your aged debts to Debt Collection UK and let us attempt to recover it for you and clear bad debt for you. Remember NO WIN = NO FEE.
Debt Collection UK - Debt Collection LetterDebt Collection Letter
Comprehensive debt collection letter service with bespoke template design to suit your requirements. Also known as a Letter Before Action. Debt collection letters inform customers that unless their account is paid in a timely manner, then legal action may ensue.
Debt Collection UK - Credit Control OutsourcingCredit Control Outsourcing
What do you do when your credit control and debt collection function is not operating fully? You may have staff on holiday, on maternity leave, or may have resigned, the list goes on. We provide a professional credit control function that will help in many situations. We will manage your sales ledger remotely at a pre-agreed daily rate.

In addition to our Debt Collection UK services and providing local services for debt collection Rawtenstall and debt collection Rossendale, we specialise in local commercial debt collection services in Bury, Bolton, Manchester, Lancashire and across North West England.

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